Saturday, November 12, 2005

SASYA Saturday 11th November 2005 @ Dharmaraja Auditorium

In collaboration with The Old Prefects Association Of Dharmaraja College Board Of Prefects Presents

"SASYA" a Synchronized Extravaganza

The musical evening organized by the Dharmaraja College Board Of prefects concluded successfully on 11th Nov 2005 at The Dharmaraja College Auditorium. The Guest of honorus were Mr bandara Atauda and Mr Ananda Perera. The Principal Of Dharmaraja College, The President of Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union and The President of Old Prefects Association of Dharmaraja college were also present with many other guests.

The event was backed by a band which comprised of present and Past Prefects of Dharmaraja College. College Prefects, College boys and school boys and girls from invited schools performed at the event. A dance item was performed by the Swarnamali Girls College dance troop also the guest of honour Mr Badara Atauda add color to the event with his well known songs.

The event was staged as two shows, School show at 2.30pm and the public show at 6.30pm.

“SASAYA is a collective effort of the Board of Prefects Of Dharmaraja College which can be recognized as an occasion where their thoughts have extended beyond the limited framework of the school curriculum.”
– Mr S M Keerthirathne – Principal Dharmaraja College

“It Is with great pleasure that we have worked together with the Old Prefects Association in unity for the well being of the College Perfects”
-Tharindu Rajakaruna – Head Prefect – Board of Prefects Dharmaraja College

“Thus type Of variety entertainment show is undoubtedly a difficult task. I am sure that this experience will be a helping hand to improve their leadership qualities as well”
- Gayan Gunawardena – The President – Old Prefects Association of Dharmaraja College
(above extracts are from SASYA Souvenir)


The Main sponsor to the event APPIT (Asia Pacific Institute Of Information Technology)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

SASYA a Musical Extravaganza – Saturday 11th November 2005

A Musical evening organized by the Dharmaraja Collge Board of Prefects - “SASYA” will be held at College Auditorium on 11th November 2005.

This is an annual event organized by the College Board with the sponsorship of the Past Prefects Association Of Dharmaraja College.

Two shows are scheduled 2.30pm for School Children and 6.30pm for public. The tickets are available at no of outlets in Kandy Town and at the Gate.

Your participation for the event is much appreciated and essential since this will be a great encouragement, for the College Board of prefects.

(You may contact PPA officials for more details.
Gayan – 0714031153, Hemachandra- 0776423422)

Olcott Trophy Cricket Tournament Dec 2-4

Olcott Trophy Cricket Tournament Dec 2-4

The Henry Stele Olcott commemorative Cricket Tournament organized Jointly By The Dharmaraja Cricket Foundation with Parent Union & Branch Unions of the Dharmaraja OBU will start on 2nd Decmber 2005 and will continue until 4th December 2005 at Asgiriya Cricket Stadium, Kandy.

The event is organized annually among the Old Boys of Ananada – Colombo, Nalanada- Colombo, Dharmaraja- Kandy , Maliyadeva- Kurunegala, Dharmashoka, Rahula – Mathara, Mahinda- Mathara and Dharmapala of Pannipitiya since 1999.

The tournament will comprise of Old Boys limited over cricket tournament as well as the School boys six-a-side- champ trophy and will be played on a knockout basis.

Match Draw
1st match – Dharmasoka Vs Rahula
2nd Match- Ananda Vs Dharmapala
3rd Match – Mahinda Vs Nanalada
4th Match – Maliyadeva Vs Dharmaraja

Mr J B Talwatte will be the Chief Guest, Former SSP and Dharmaraja Old Boy who has led Dharmaraja Cricket team in 1943 and have scored a century in same year in the Big match against Kingswood College.

This year the Dharmaraja Old Boys Team will be captained by dashing batsman Chapa Weerarathne who represented the school from 1982 to 1984, with Anura Fernando, Ananda Ekanayake, Ajith Narampanawa, Asanga Dissanayake, P Alwis, D Kahawatte, G Ranaraja, Mahinda Pethiyagoda, Nandana Kanagarathne, V Gunarathne, Priyantha Weragoda, Ranjith Herath, K Ulapanawa, Saman Rathnayake, Senaka Dissanayake, Senarth Jayasundera, Udaya Yatawara, Prasanna Watawela, Malraj Weerakoon, Sarath Munaweera and Harold Ranasinghe.

All are invited for the tournament…………..
(Source : Sunday Observer, 6th Nov 2005)

CAR WASH Project - PPA Postponed to 11th Dec 2005

The Car Wash Fundraiser project of the Past Prefects Association of Dharmaraja is postponed to Sunday 11th December 2005 due to unavoidable circumstances.

Please contribute to the project by selling tickets for the project. Please contact Gayan _ President (01741301153) or any other official of PPA for more details.

We would appreciate your participation for the project to make the event a success.

Exco Meeting 6th November 2005

The sixth exco meeting of the Past Prefects Association Of Dharmaraja College was held at OBU HQ today at 9.30am.

The main items of the agenda were

-The SASYA musical show which is organized by the College Board Of Prefects,
scheduled for 11th November 2005.

-The Car Wash fund Raiser project


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