Saturday, June 18, 2005

Six A Side Cricket Tournament - Confirmed

The Six a Side Cricket Tournament of the Past Prefetcs is scheduled as follws.

Date - 3rd Sunday July 2005

Venue - Gatambe Grounds - (Old Srasavi Uyana Vidyala Grounds)

The organisers have arranged many interetsting features for this years event.

Please call Amila Vithanaarachci on 0773 163344 for details

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Commitee Meeting - June 05 Sunday

An Executive Commitee Meeting will be held 2005 06 05 (Sunday)@ 12.30 AT OBU Headquaters, Buwelikada, Kandy

Please call Gayan(President)0714031153 for any clearifications

Six A Side Cricket Tournament - Past Prefects Association

The Past Prefets Association will organise the Annual Six a Side
Cricket Tournanment among the Past Prefects Guilds Of Dharmaraja for the
second time in July. (Date and place not finalised as yet)

So yo better get organise and start practising your team.

You may contact Amila Vithanarachci on 0773163344 or 0812421665 for
further details.

The Wesak Lantern Of The Prefects - Wesak 2005

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This a phtograph of the Wesak Lantern Made by the Prefets in association with Past Prefects Association.